MAIN LINE DEPUTY DOG is dedicated to helping people with physical challenges or mental health concerns train their own dogs to be fully-certified service dogs. A Deputy Dog helps you to function with independence and confidence.


A Golden Retriever uses his teeth  to grab on to a special baton held by his human partner challenged by mobility issues.  He slowly backs up and she slowly rises from a sitting to a standing position.


  1.   retrieving objects

  2.   providing balance and stability

  3.   assisting you up from a chair or bed

  4.   getting the mail 

  5.   carrying the laundry

  6.   pushing or pulling a wheelchair

  7.   opening and closing doors

  8.   turning lights on/off

  9.   summoning assistance

  10.   getting your medication and water

  11. waking you up or helping you sleep

  12.   leading away from stressful situations

  13.   and many more possibilities

A mobility Deputy Dog  helps someone who has a debilitating illness or injury - an arthritis sufferer, a child born with cerebral palsy, a returning soldier.

A mental health Deputy Dog

can help someone with concerns like panic disorder, post traumatic stress, anxiety and agoraphobia.



you can live life


Main Line Deputy Dog is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Pennsylvania corporation.